Rule Number One:
There are no dumb questions.

The world is a complicated place. Don’t you wish you understood it better?

Civic Series helps you understand — and think for yourself about — the most important issues of our time, like Brexit, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, climate change, and many others. We run free, non-partisan events where you can ask questions of experts and discuss the most important issues of the day.

Civic Series events are educational but we’re not academics or activists. Our expert speakers present multiple sides of the issue without telling you what to think. We have no agenda, other than to inform you about the world you live in.

Civic Series is a non-profit project run by a group of dedicated volunteers in the United States and Canada.

By helping people understand the world around them — and their place in it –, we help create a stronger, more informed democracy, and more engaged citizens of the world.

– Founder, Laur Hesse Fisher

We’ll come to you! To open a Civic Series in your region, contact us.



Laur Hesse Fisher
Founder & Headquarters
Philadelphia, PA

Enrique Flores

Enrique Flores
Host, Toronto, ON


Sharon Bort
Host, Boston, MA


Chris Palmer
Host, Burlington, VT

Daniel Gomez

Daniel Gomez
Organizer, Toronto, ON


Arturo MP
Organizer, Toronto, ON


Rachel Abrams
Advisor, Boston, MA

We send a hearty THANK YOU and our best wishes to:

Organizer alumni Adam Dingle (Boston) and Jay Zafar (Toronto)

Julian North of Zadama for an earlier version of our website

Winnie Gong for logo design

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