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The Metaverse

Join our 101-level explainer about the metaverse. What is it? How might it change our lives? And what can we expect in the future?Have you heard of the Metaverse, and asked yourself, “What is this?” If so, this is your opportunity to get your questions answered about what the Metaverse is, what it includes, and what to look out for […]

Who Decides Your Political Opinion?

Ask our expert your basic questions about the psychology behind our political opinions -- and why it matters in today's democracy. How did you become liberal/conservative? What primarily influences what you think about social issues? How can we think critically and be well-informed as voters -- or do we really need to be? What shortcuts do we take (or should […]

The Electric Grid: Now + In the Future

Ask our MIT expert your questions about where electricity comes from, what we've learned from the Texas outage + how is changing.Are you kinda curious about the electric grid? If so, this introductory event is for you. In two hours, you’ll get all your questions answered about where our electricity comes from, what we learned from the Texas power […]

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