Nationalism: Here, There, and Everywhere?

Boston Athenaeum 10 ½ Beacon St, Boston, MA, United States

The President of the United States declared himself a nationalist and joined an increasing number of far-right leaders in Russia, Germany, Brazil, and Turkey. For the last two decades, the focus of cooperation and globalization has helped grow economies and bring prosperity to most, but clearly not all. As countries start to build diplomatic barriers against each other, decades-old global […]

Cannabis 101: Molecules, Markets, … Mayhem?

HI Boston 19 Stuart Street, Boston, MA, United States

In 2016, Massachusetts voted to legalize recreational marijuana. We wanted laws that empower disenfranchised communities and grow a healthy stream of taxes. But not all of our dreams came true. Now that stores are opening, many of us are wondering about weed… What are cannabinoids and terpenes? Why are stores taking so long to open? Is it really legal? Why […]

Exploring America’s Gun Culture

Beacon Hill Friends House 6 Chestnut Street, Boston, MA, United States

A quick glance at headlines is enough to tell us that America's relationship with guns is different from the rest of the world. Although gun laws and lobbyists are only pieces of a much larger puzzle, when assembled, it's clear we have a problem with reconciling the 2nd Amendment and gun violence. What are we overlooking? Let's take a closer […]

The Pandemic Pivot: COVID-19’s Impact on PreK-12 Learning and Equity in MA

Ask MA's Director of Remote Learning about PreK-12 remote education and issues of equity during COVID. Register   About this Event Remote learning has initiated difficult and important conversations about access, opportunity and existing inequities within the Massachusetts education system. And you probably have questions about how the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is rising to the challenge […]

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