Indigenous Languages in Canada 101

Mozilla Lounge 366 Adelaide St WestSuite 500 (5th floor), Toronto, ON, Canada

Did you know that... Languages are disappearing every day in the world and Canada is no exception? Civic Series takes a closer look We invite you to think about: What is Canada's history and present situation with respect to Indigenous languages? What advantages and disadvantages come with being an Indigenous language speaker in Canada? What is language erosion and does […]

Human Tracking: online profiling in the physical world

Mozilla Lounge 366 Adelaide St West, Suite 500, Toronto, ON, Canada

There are digital eyes and ears trying to track the physical world the way we track the digital one. Cameras, microphones, lasers, and antennas are claimed to make our lives better and more efficient. These sensors are getting smaller, cheaper, ever-more powerful, and are making it possible to track things we could never track before at unprecedented scales.   Did you know that… Facial recognition […]

Government Mass Surveillance in Canada: law, policy and reality

Mozilla Lounge 366 Adelaide St WestSuite 500 (5th floor), Toronto, ON, Canada

Canadian privacy, protected since the 70s... right? Real-time electronic surveillance in Canada is, since laws passed in the 1970s, supposed to be subject to strict accountability standards. Today, government agencies use a range of technologies to conduct mass surveillance that just a few decades ago would seem like science fiction: phones can be invisibly tracked in real-time; our location histories are […]

POSTPONED – The Olympics: Politics in and out of the Games

Mozilla Lounge 366 Adelaide St W, Suite 500 (5th floor), Toronto, ON, Canada

For over 100 years, the world has come together to celebrate athletic competition in the modern Olympic Games. The best competitors on the planet face each other in a variety of disciplines, in a mostly peaceful clash of nations. At the same time, the dynamics within and between countries have often been reflected in the Games over the decades. Did […]

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