Is the Machine Dead? The Future of Chicago Politics

Industrious Chicago River North 320 West Ohio Street, #3w, Chicago, IL

Is the Machine Dead? The Future of Chicago Politics In 2019, Chicagoans were given many choices for their next mayor. That contest resulted in the landslide election of one of the most unlikely mayors the city has ever seen. Lori Lightfoot was distinguished among her fellow candidates not just because of the historic nature of her candidacy as a black, […]

POSTPONED – The Olympics: Politics in and out of the Games

Mozilla Lounge 366 Adelaide St W, Suite 500 (5th floor), Toronto, ON

For over 100 years, the world has come together to celebrate athletic competition in the modern Olympic Games. The best competitors on the planet face each other in a variety of disciplines, in a mostly peaceful clash of nations. At the same time, the dynamics within and between countries have often been reflected in the Games over the decades. Did […]

Economic Recession: What does it mean for U.S.?

The United States has seen a recession before.  You may have experienced it yourself in 2008 when homes were foreclosed, banks declared bankruptcy, and people lost their jobs.   In light of Covid-19, an economic recession seems certain. That opens a lot of questions, like: What exactly is a recession, and how will it impact people and our economy? Who makes decisions about […]

The Influence of Oil

We all use oil in some shape or form: in our cars and trucks, in trains and airplanes, for electricity, to heat our homes, in the form of plastics and other chemical products. The power dynamics between countries who produce oil and those who consume it has been a source of tension for decades. Recently, the oil price war between […]

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