Healthcare Reform in America 101

Workbar Cambridge 45 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA

We know... healthcare reform is complicated. This is why we've brought together two American healthcare policy experts to help us understand it.  We'll unpack the major issues regarding health reform and insurance, and discuss existing and proposed approaches to creating affordable access to healthcare in the U.S. In this session, we'll: Break down the top health policy dilemmas and major health […]

Indigenous Languages in Canada 101

Mozilla Lounge 366 Adelaide St WestSuite 500 (5th floor), Toronto, ON

Did you know that... Languages are disappearing every day in the world and Canada is no exception? Civic Series takes a closer look We invite you to think about: What is Canada's history and present situation with respect to Indigenous languages? What advantages and disadvantages come with being an Indigenous language speaker in Canada? What is language erosion and does […]

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