Meet Our Growing Team! New Fellows + Board Members

Laur Hesse Fisher • November 17, 2021 • Philadelphia, Boston, News

Meet Our Growing Team!
New Fellows + Board Members

Civic Series is growing! I’m thrilled to share our inaugural Fellows, D’Angelo Virgo and Breje Williams, and two new board members, Sharon Bort and Temi Ogunbodede .D’Angelo and Breje will lead the expansion of Civic Series programs in Philadelphia and Boston. As you’ll see in their bios below, they are passionate civic leaders, and you’ll be hearing from them soon about 2022 events in both cities. As Board Members, Sharon and Temi are advising our organization on our partnerships, events and communications strategies, and we haven’t wasted a minute getting started.

We’re super stoked for what we’re creating in the next year and are excited to see you at an upcoming event in 2022!

(BTW, have an idea for an event topic? Tell us!)

Laur Hesse Fisher, Civic Series founder

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D’Angelo Virgo

Philadelphia Fellow

D’Angelo Virgo is an educator and former candidate for State Representative who currently works as a Political and Campaign Strategist. He is a Political Science graduate who studied at Millersville University and London Metropolitan University and is a member of both the American Political Science Association and the International Political Science Association. D’Angelo has spent over a decade working on various issue based, local and federal elections. Along with his passion for politics, education, and music, he is a certified Arraignment Court Magistrate certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to preside over criminal arraignments. As a lifelong resident of Philadelphia, he has worked tirelessly in the area of civic engagement and community outreach. Outside of his love for the law and politics, D’Angelo is a classically trained violinist that sits on the Board of Directors for the Black Music Therapy Network and he also coaches high school Track and Field. He believes that people need to be more engaged in the business of government and its process. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he said, “Government exists for the interests of the governed, not the governors.” He has a strong belief that the government should always be an entity truly for the people and by the people.


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Breje Williams

Boston Fellow

I am acquiring a degree in PPE (politics philosophy, and economics) and big data from Suffolk University. I enjoy engaging in youth empowerment initiatives, writing and producing music, being in nature, and playing sports. I am eager to work with my colleagues here at Civic Series and learn about the awesome things that everyone is a part of. I look forward to connecting and getting to know all of you!

Want to volunteer with Civic Series Boston? Reach out to me!

Sharon Bort

Board Member
Manager of Community Programming, MIT’s Solve + former host of Civic Series Boston

Sharon is advising our partnership growth strategy


Temi Ogunbodede

Board Member
Research Finance Specialist II,
Mass General Brigham

Temi is advising our event and outreach strategy


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