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Location: Your metropolitan city
Type: Unpaid (volunteer)
Time commitment: ~ 5 hours/week

Civic Series is seeking committed and connected leaders to start chapters in their metropolitan city.

Started in 2015, Civic Series ( is a non-partisan, volunteer-led event series to help people think for themselves about the most critical issues of our time. Teams of Civic Series volunteers have run over 20 free events, where people learn about and discuss what’s happening in the U.S. and around the world, covering complicated topics such as ISIS, U.S. health care reform, bitcoin, climate change, and many others.  Civic Series chapters currently operate in Boston, MA (founding chapter) and Toronto, Canada, and new chapters are opening in Austin, TX and Philadelphia, PA.

Each Civic Series chapter is led by a host, who organizes the chapter with the support of the Civic Series headquarters in Philadelphia.

As a host, you will form and lead a volunteer team to deliver a monthly event series. This includes:

  • Arranging the event logistics (venue, registration, AV, etc.)
  • Curating the content and engaging with speakers
  • Finding sponsors to cover food and event costs
  • Marketing the event
  • Leading the chapter team
  • Serving as the main point of contact for HQ

The host is typically directly responsible for team leadership, content curation, speaker engagement, emceeing events, and being the public face of the chapter. Hosts spend whatever time is necessary to get the job done, and we anticipate this to be up to 5 hours per week.

This role is an opportunity to expand your leadership, to provide an important service to your city, and to be on the front-lines of a growing international network of Civic Series chapters.  Oh, and to have a lot of fun! dc21eb096d47e2b5ca707a29b4454eaa

We’re looking for someone who:

Is all about the mission. Civic Series helps people think for themselves about the most critical issues of our time. That means our events are fact-based, cross-partisan, and about learning, not convincing. Our hosts embody this ethos, and are able to put personal politics aside so that the events can be rewarding for people of all political views.

Makes things happen. Being a chapter host is a real responsibility and involves lots of moving pieces. Having experience in event management or journalism is a plus, but even more important is an excitement and willingness to get things done.

Loves people and wants to create valuable experiences for them. Being a host is largely about the opportunities you create for people: your attendees expanding their understanding of the world, but also your co-organizers creating the difference they get to make. Leading a volunteer team can be challenging — it requires a special amount of passion, understanding, and flexibility — but is also can be incredibly rewarding.

Thrives in start-up environments. Civic Series headquarters is also run by uber committed volunteers, and we’ll be learning from you as much as you’ll be learning from us. Everything isn’t perfectly laid out; we’re looking for people with whom we can grow together.

Apply using this Google form.  If you apply and don’t hear from our volunteer team within 1 week, please send Laur an email (laur@ [domain name]).

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