Recommended Readings: Economic Recession

Laur Hesse Fisher • April 28, 2020 • Virtual, Recommended Readings

Check out these recommend readings for our event, Economic Recession: What does it mean for U.S.?, gathered by Adam Gismondi, Civic Media Researcher for Civic Series.

In the spirit of a call from Ethan Zuckerman, Director of the Center for Civic Media at MIT, for more “wide news” — news that reflects society’s diversity of opinions — we’ve been sending out some recommended readings for each of our events that cut across the spectrum. This month (for our first ever) virtual Civic Series event, our topic is “Economic Recession: What Does it Mean for the U.S.?” Below, we have a few suggested starting points, selected to offer a variety of angles on this month’s topic.

Please note that these are by no means meant to be thorough, but rather, the readings are merely meant as a place to begin our conversation, as well as a way of showcasing some of the conversations already happening.


U.S. Views:


International Perspectives:

Also, check out the Fiscal Ship, a game where you can try your hand at reducing the U.S. federal debt.



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