Recommended Readings: The Influence of Oil

Laur Hesse Fisher • May 13, 2020 • Virtual, Recommended Readings

Check out these recommend readings for our event, The Influence of Oil, gathered by Adam Gismondi, Civic Media Researcher for Civic Series.

In the spirit of a call from Ethan Zuckerman, Director of the Center for Civic Media at MIT, for more “wide news” — news that reflects society’s diversity of opinions — we’ve been sending out some recommended readings for each of our events that cut across the spectrum. Below, we have a few suggested starting points for this month’s topic.

Please note that these are by no means meant to be thorough, but rather, the readings are merely meant as a place to begin our conversation, as well as a way of showcasing some of the conversations already happening.

On the Recent Oil Crash:

Background & Looking Forward:


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