Recommended Readings: North Korea

Adam Gismondi • June 2, 2017 • Recommended Readings, Boston

33958484742-30680095-3Starting with this month’s event, “What’s Up With North Korea?” we are trying something new at Civic Series. In the spirit of Ethan Zuckerman’s call for more “wide news” — news that reflects society’s diversity of opinions — we will be sending out some recommended readings that cut across the spectrum.  Our hope is to expand this practice to cut across multiple perspectives (beyond just left-right), but for this week, we have a few suggested starting points.

With such a complex topic as North Korea, it’s difficult to cover even a segment of the country’s history or recent actions, so please understand that these are by no means thorough.  These articles are merely meant as a place to begin our conversation, as well as a way of showcasing some of the varying conversations already happening. Articles with an * next to them indicate the most essential piece per section:

Left-leaning author and/or publication:

*The North Korean Nuclear Threat, Explained, Vox

This is What’s Really Behind North Korea’s Nuclear Provocations, The Nation



Korean Conflict: What’s Happening, and what Could Happen Next, The Globe and Mail

*North Korea Profile – A Timeline, BBC

The View from the Chinese Border with North Korea, NPR

Preventing Nuclear War with North Korea, Foreign Affairs


Right-leaning author and/or publication:

What Would Happen if Kim Jong-Un Launched a Nuclear Strike?, The Daily Caller

*We Can Defang the North Korean Threat, National Review

Feedback on this new feature are certainly welcome — please reach out via Twitter if you have thoughts!


– Adam Gismondi, Ph.D.
Civic Media Researcher for Civic Series



Plus, Recent Articles Authored by the Speaker


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